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6 Things to Remember During Your First Hot Air Balloon Adventure in Dubai

Are you an adventure seeker and want to go beyond the conventional ways to explore a place? Do you want to explore Dubai with your family and friends in an exhilarating manner? If you have decided this, then you are in for a treat when you choose a hot air balloon ride in Dubai. Since it is not an ordinary experience, you need to gear up for it by taking the following pointers into consideration.

1. You Will Need to Rise Up Early

Most of the balloon rides begin quite early in the morning. This is because the rising hot air can have an effect on the altitude of the balloon. Whether you book a ride package that offer pick and drop service or drive to the venue yourself, you need to get up early, get ready and hop on the basket for the flight. Another advantage is that you will get to see everything from the beginning and may stand a chance to grab the best seat as well. Post this, you need to just feel the peace and calm high up in the air. This is what we call pure bliss!

2. What to Pack for Hot Air Balloon Adventure in Dubai?

The rule of the thumb when you are on a hot air balloon is to pack light. Your wallet, a sun hat, sun glasses, water bottle, a pair of binoculars and a camera should be the only things that you need to bring. You can skip brining the camera altogether if you know that your camera is good enough for capturing the magnificent views from above.

3. Dress Up in Layers

When we say apt clothes, it means dressing up both for the chilly winds in the morning as well as the heat that comes from the flame. Many hot air balloon rides begin in the morning and go for an hour or so. You can wear a light jacket and remove it when you are in the basket and start feeling hot during the ride. At the same time, you will also need to wear your most comfortable footwear since you will be on your feet to enjoy the views and upon landing, you may require to walk a bit to reach the vehicle that will take you back.

4. Go in Peak Season for Best Experience

Yes, you read this right. There is a season for ballooning because the flights need a certain amount of wind. This enables the rides to take off, glide and land with perfection. Therefore, seasons when there is no rain and greater visibility are usually the time when the season is at its peak. You need to find out the peak season and book the ride so that you get the best experience. It will also lead to better photographs be it the rising sun or the vast dunes of sand below.

5. Be Ready to Live in The Moment

Some balloon rides offer the best views from high above, have a falcon on board for some additional fun and offer free wi-fi so that you can share your experience in real-time with your loved ones. But living in the moment is much more important since each ride will have a different set of people and every time, the view will be different as the expert pilots will take you through different routes.

6. Use It To Plan a Romantic Surprise

Did you know that you can get romantic charter balloon rides, which let you propose to the love of your love thousands of feet up in the air? Some of the packages include a violinist too, which will make the moments even more memorable for both of you. All you need to do is plan it well in advance, book the ride and that’s it! Nothing is as magical as this.

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We hope that these pointers have given you a better perspective and made you feel more confident about going on your first ever hot air balloon ride. Take a look at some of our attractive packages and take your pick for the balloon adventure today! You can also contact us for any query.