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Breakfast menu


➢ French Croissants:

Chocolate and zaatar and cheese, Chebab (Emirati pancakes) & cinnamon roll

➢ Bread Station:

Loaf bread, french baguette, multi-grain bread roll, soft roll, white slice bread, brown slice bread with a selection of jams & butter

➢ Cold Platters:

Smoked turkey, chicken mortadella, smoked salmon with capers and silver onions & assorted green salad with vinaigrette

➢ Glass Jars:

Chia seed parfait with berry compote, bircher muesli with green apples & mango yogurt

➢ Fruit Cuts:

Fresh cut fruits

➢ Hot Food:

Scrambled egg, grilled sausage & vegan fajita roll

➢ Beverages:

Coffee, tea, orange juice & infused water