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Why Hot Air Balloon in Dubai Should Be on Your Bucket List?

When you are in Dubai, Hot Air Ballooning is an activity that you must put on your bucket list. The activity begins around October and continues till summers begin in the region. This is referred to the “ballooning season” as the climate is favorable for the flights.

If you are an adventure seeker or want to spend time in the area doing something that is majestic and gives you lots of thrills to begin with. That being said, let us take a look at Hot Air Balloon rides, which is surely, one of the best fun activities in Dubai for adults.

What happens in a hot air balloon?

The fabric of the balloon on the ground starts inflating and begins to rise up when hot air is put in it under pressure. The pilot gives a sign and the wicker basket gets filled with people. The balloon then starts to lift off completely.

How does the first time in the balloon feel like?

The first time in a hot air balloon feels spectacular. There is a lovely view from the top and you can literally see the ground down below from several thousands of feet. The vision is thrilling and there is nothing like it!

What happens when the balloon comes down?

When the hot air balloon comes down, you will get a gentle draft of air. You will be amazingly carried by the airstream and glide a few meters above the sand dunes. The ground crew will be following you to take you back to the starting point. It is a nice experience overall.

What should you capture on a hot air balloon ride in Dubai?

You will be able to capture some of the most breathtaking shots in a hot air balloon ride in Dubai. This includes taking the photos of the scenic Dubai desert, the fauna and sunrise. We also offer free Wi-Fi and you can share these photos in real-time with your friends and family members. The entire phenomenon is indescribable and fascinating.

How is the landing in a hot air balloon?

Passengers should also know; landing is not smooth always. It can be a bit bumpy depending on wind speeds 

Now that you have a fair idea about what hot air ballooning is like, make it a point to visit it with your friends and family. Cheers!