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Activities in Dubai For Couples – Romance Her in The Skies

When you visit the UAE, visiting Dubai is a must-do. The city boasts of several activities that can effectively help you spend quality time with your loved one. From gliding in the skies to taking to the waters, there is so much to do and so little time. But with proper planning, you can surely manage to make it work without any hassle. Today, we will explore one of the fun activities in Dubai for adults that can take romancing to the next level i.e. riding a hot air balloon.

  • It is a Refreshing Change

    Dinner dates are so passé! Why not take your date on a romantic balloon ride early in the morning and kick start your day with a wonderful sight? This is surely a refreshing change from the daily routine, and they are bound to love it, especially when you plan it as a surprise!

  • The View Is Splendid –

    The first and foremost reason to take your loved one to a hot air balloon ride is to see the breathtaking view. The moment they will see the rising sun, the beautiful sand dunes of Dubai below and gazelles running across, they will all be truly mesmerized.

  • Capture Some Amazing Shots –

    It does not matter whether you are a photographer or not. It does not matter whether you have a high-end camera or use your mobile phones. What you need is an eye for aesthetic and you will be all good to go. This takes us to the next point in the post.

  • Use Wi-Fi to Tell the Tale –

    In the age of social media, surely, everyone would want each and every experience of theirs to be highlighted across different channels. Our free wi-fi services in the balloons help you share your experience with the world in real-time. Capture the moments of you and your partner soaking in the breathtaking landscape around you soon after sunrise and tell the tale on the internet.

  • Get Certificate of Experience –

    When you choose our hot air balloon ride for couples, or book any other ride with us, you will be given a certificate of experience. Frame it and hang it on your wall to show off your riding experience to all the guests who arrive. We will also offer you a photo with our pilot that will be another memento to be added to your collection!

  • Tick Off an Item from Your Bucket List –

    Last but not the least, a lot of us have balloon adventures in Dubai on our bucket list. But rarely do we all get to complete it. By booking a ride with us, you can easily tick off one item from your list and boast about it with your friends, family and acquaintances.

Want to know how you can go for hot air balloon booking online? Call us today on 97142855682 and we will guide you in the best possible way. Our pilots are well-trained and safely help you experience the ride right from the very beginning.