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2020 Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Award


Hot Air Balloons Operation and Maintenance LLC Wins 2020 Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Award for Balloon Rides, Outdoor Activities and Tours

Hot Air Balloons Operation and Maintenance LLC Recognized Among Best in The United Arab Emirates Based on Outstanding 2019 Traveler Reviews

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – December 5th, 2019 – Hot Air Balloons Operation and Maintenance LLC today announced it has been recognized as a 2020 Travelers’ Choice award-winner for Balloon Rides, Outdoor Activities and Tours. Based on a full year of Tripadvisor reviews, prior to any changes caused by the pandemic, award winners are known for consistently receiving great traveler feedback, placing them in the top 10% of hospitality businesses around the globe. 

“We are in the business of creating magical experiences”

“Winners of the 2020 Travelers’ Choice Awards should be proud of this distinguished recognition,” said Kanika Soni, Chief Commercial Officer at Tripadvisor. “Although it’s been a challenging year for travel and hospitality, we want to celebrate our partners’ achievements. Award winners are beloved for their exceptional service and quality. Not only are these winners well deserving, they are also a great source of inspiration for traveler as the world begins to venture out again.”

To see traveler reviews and popular activities/features/tours of Hot Air Balloons Operation and Maintenance LLC, visit this Link.

About Hot Air Balloons Operation and Maintenance LLC

As one of the pioneering companies for passenger balloon rides in the United Arab Emirates, we provide a unique and unforgettable balloon adventure. As we aim to be the best and the safest tour provider in the regions Hot Air Ballooning industry. We have a qualified and experienced team with the flexibility to personalize our tours for all.

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Activities in Dubai For Couples – Romance Her in The Skies

When you visit the UAE, visiting Dubai is a must-do. The city boasts of several activities that can effectively help you spend quality time with your loved one. From gliding in the skies to taking to the waters, there is so much to do and so little time. But with proper planning, you can surely manage to make it work without any hassle. Today, we will explore one of the fun activities in Dubai for adults that can take romancing to the next level i.e. riding a hot air balloon.

  • It is a Refreshing Change

    Dinner dates are so passé! Why not take your date on a romantic balloon ride early in the morning and kick start your day with a wonderful sight? This is surely a refreshing change from the daily routine, and they are bound to love it, especially when you plan it as a surprise!

  • The View Is Splendid –

    The first and foremost reason to take your loved one to a hot air balloon ride is to see the breathtaking view. The moment they will see the rising sun, the beautiful sand dunes of Dubai below and gazelles running across, they will all be truly mesmerized.

  • Capture Some Amazing Shots –

    It does not matter whether you are a photographer or not. It does not matter whether you have a high-end camera or use your mobile phones. What you need is an eye for aesthetic and you will be all good to go. This takes us to the next point in the post.

  • Use Wi-Fi to Tell the Tale –

    In the age of social media, surely, everyone would want each and every experience of theirs to be highlighted across different channels. Our free wi-fi services in the balloons help you share your experience with the world in real-time. Capture the moments of you and your partner soaking in the breathtaking landscape around you soon after sunrise and tell the tale on the internet.

  • Get Certificate of Experience –

    When you choose our hot air balloon ride for couples, or book any other ride with us, you will be given a certificate of experience. Frame it and hang it on your wall to show off your riding experience to all the guests who arrive. We will also offer you a photo with our pilot that will be another memento to be added to your collection!

  • Tick Off an Item from Your Bucket List –

    Last but not the least, a lot of us have balloon adventures in Dubai on our bucket list. But rarely do we all get to complete it. By booking a ride with us, you can easily tick off one item from your list and boast about it with your friends, family and acquaintances.

Want to know how you can go for hot air balloon booking online? Call us today on 97142855682 and we will guide you in the best possible way. Our pilots are well-trained and safely help you experience the ride right from the very beginning.

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6 Marriage Proposal Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

Modern marriage proposals are a step ahead. Nowadays, there are so many different ways to pop the question to your love that you can use and impress the love of your life. From a variety of venues to amazing photoshoots, there is just so much that you can do to make the magical moment even more magical. That said, here are some of the exceptional marriage proposal ideas that will blow your mind:

  1. On a Hot Air Balloon –

    Imagine a scene where you and your sweetheart are high up in the clouds, the cool breeze hitting your face and soothing music playing in your ears. You are dressed in your fineries and go down on one knee to pop the question. This is no dream but a dream come true as you can book a romantic hot air balloon ride for two and make her squeal with joy! While there are many such rides, you can take your pick from the best hot air balloon rides for couples that has many facilities to make the moment truly memorable for you both.

  2. By the River Nile –

    Erm, what we really mean is that you can take your partner on a romantic boat ride or a cruise and when you are both enjoying the scenic beauty all around you, take out that ring and ask the question! It is important to select an apt location for this purpose as the surrounding landscape will play an important role in highlighting the entire event.

  3. Landmark It –

    The next idea may be common, but you can make it more interesting by giving it your own twist. You can either choose a famous landmark to propose to your sweetheart. But wait, it needn’t always be The Eiffel Tower, The Pyramids or other iconic buildings. You can also propose at a location that holds a special place in your hearts such as her ancestral home or the place you had your first romantic date and so on and so forth.

  4. Take a Hike –

    Nothing beats a surprise proposal on the top of a mountain with a breathtaking view when you trek or hike on it with your lover. Sure, it is not as swanky or as glam as other proposal ideas. You will be covered in sweat and grime to say the least. But at least this will help you catch her unaware!

  5. On a Beach –

    A lot of us are beach lovers and a proposal along the sea shore during sunrise or sunset is simply out of some romcom movie. And it does not even have to cost you much either. All you need is a glass of champagne to raise a toast after the proposal. Want to add more thrills? Get your and her friends to join you in surprising her by holding a placard. Bring out the tissues we say!

  6. Book a Theatre –

    This is another way to show how much your beloved means to you. Book an entire theatre and invite her to a screening. Before the movie starts, your proposal can show up on the screen and take her by surprise!

These are some of the unique ways you can propose marriage to your partner. Book private romantic hot air balloon rides from us and enjoy the magic in the air.  We are just a call 97142855682 away!

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5 Dubai Adventure Activities You Can’t Say No To

Are you traveling to Dubai soon and want to opt for some of the best adventure activities that give you an adrenaline rush? That being said, here are some of the top Dubai adventure activities that you can’t say no to.  

Skydiving with Your Beloved

The thrill of jumping from several thousand feet up in the air from a plane is unlike anything you have ever experienced. It is one of the most sought-after extreme sports, which is growing in popularity in Dubai. The places that offer the facility take adventure-seekers to some of the most stunning locations. The expert instructors make sure that you are completely safe during the act and help you take part in the best possible way. If this was on your bucket list for a long time, and if you want to experience it with your loved one, then grab the opportunity with both hands by embarking on a skydiving activity this year!

Hot Air Balloon Ride with Family

If you are going with your family and still need to go for an adventure activity, then there is something that will fit the bill for everyone. We are talking about hot air balloon ride. In Dubai, balloon ride price is not very exorbitant. You can book a ride online with us and go on the most memorable trip with everyone and enjoy it to the fullest.

Sandboarding Solo

Love to snowboard in the mountains? Want to go beyond the usual desert safari? Try sandboarding. You can do it in one of the tallest sand dunes in Dubai. This is best for those who are traveling solo and want to go for a sport that doesn’t need any other person’s company. You can experience it throughout the year. It suits all ages and is completely safe. Hence, gear up, get your sandboarding boots out and slide down the dunes with complete panache.

Bungee Jumping Like A Pro

Dubai is known for setting the Bungee Jump World Record, which was created at 151 jumps in 24 hours, in 2014. This extreme adventure sport can be enjoyed in many places including the Dubai Gravity Zone. The prerequisites are that you need to be at least 14 years of age, weigh no more than 120 kgs and should not have certain medical conditions. With experts to help you, you can experience the activity like a pro.

Shark Tank – Dive Among the Fishes

This one is not for the faint-hearted. If you really want to do something that is out of the blue, then go for swimming with the sharks. You can get this opportunity at The Dubai Mall, which has over thousands of these beasts in a tank. There’s also the option to learn scuba diving by joining a short course and go diving among the sharks.


These are some of the adventure activities that you can perform when you are in Dubai. Because a lot of tourists visit the place every month, it is always a good idea to book the seats or the activities well in advance. We at Hot Air Balloon ensure that you get the most of your adventure tourism when you visit. Say yes to hot air balloon book online from us today. To know more, contact us at the earliest.


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7 Ways You can Explore Dubai With Your Friends!

Dubai is one of the tourist hot spots of the world. Known for its desert safaris and shopping festival, it is definitely the place you would want to visit with your friends at least once in your lifetime. This write-up provides some of the best ways to explore Dubai with your buddies and it not just provides you the usual activities and places to visit, but also the most unique way to make the most of your stay.

  1. Burj Khalifa –

    One of the tallest buildings in the world, Burj Khalifa is a major tourist attraction. It is also known for having the biggest malls and the fastest lift in the world. Clearly, the building is a place where you can hang with your friends in the evening or take a leisurely walk and explore it at your own pace in the beginning of the day. It also offers amazing panoramic view towards the beach as well as over the city. When you go there during sunset, you will be able to make the most of the building in terms of spectacular views.

  2. JBR Walk –

    JBR Walk or the Jumeirah Beach Residence Walk is next on the list as it lets you explore a city within a city. The entire stretch has amazing cafes, bars, eateries and top restaurants of Dubai. If you all are morning people, you can also go for morning walks and get marina views. You can also take the Dubai ferry to explore.

  3. Dubai Creek –

    Dubai Creek is another marvel that you can try with your friends. You can get the option of taking the most beautiful old roofed boats from the Bur Dubai Abra Station on the southern side and ride across the creek at nominal rates. If you are on a budget, this is definitely the place you need to visit with your friends.

  4. Ski Dubai –

    Skiing in Dubai is very much possible, with a giant ski slope inside the Mall of the Emirates. Imagine the cool climate that is in complete contrast to the 50 degrees Celsius of the desert heat. If you don’t have the necessary equipment, you can always get them for hire. After a round or two of skiing, you can go for some hot chocolate and continue the fun activity again. The best part is that you can enjoy the thrills of skiing irrespective of the season you visit Dubai. This takes us to the next pointer.

  5. Hot Air Balloon Ride –

    Everyone knows about Dubai’s famous desert safari. But how about exploring the golden dunes in a different way? This is where you can opt for Hot Air Balloon Adventures in Dubai. You can go for their basic packages or even opt for something that includes pick and drop along with breakfast. These rides begin early morning and the view from above is simply amazing. The best part is that you can enjoy the balloon ride in a group and take endless number of pictures to capture the memorable moments.

  6. Dubai’s Love Lakes –

    The love lakes of Dubai are comparatively new attractions that should be on your must-visit list. Located in Al Qudra, the lakes are man-made and are shaped like two hearts that are interlocked. In fact, there are also Love written on the trees that are planted next to the lakes. While this is the perfect getaway for couples, you can also explore it with your friends and enjoy your time while you are there.

  7. Desert Safari –

    No list of things to do in Dubai is complete without the desert safari. Book it with your pals to get the hang of the Bedouin life and explore the dunes in a 4×4. You can also take a Land Rover or a camel ride depending on the package that you choose and explore the Bedouin campsite with mouthwatering dishes and some live entertainment. It is the perfect way to wrap up your stay in Dubai.

To Conclude

These are some of the top things that should be on your to-do list when you want to explore Dubai with your friends or loved ones. Let us know what you think of it.

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6 Things to Remember During Your First Hot Air Balloon Adventure in Dubai

Are you an adventure seeker and want to go beyond the conventional ways to explore a place? Do you want to explore Dubai with your family and friends in an exhilarating manner? If you have decided this, then you are in for a treat when you choose a hot air balloon ride in Dubai. Since it is not an ordinary experience, you need to gear up for it by taking the following pointers into consideration.

1. You Will Need to Rise Up Early

Most of the balloon rides begin quite early in the morning. This is because the rising hot air can have an effect on the altitude of the balloon. Whether you book a ride package that offer pick and drop service or drive to the venue yourself, you need to get up early, get ready and hop on the basket for the flight. Another advantage is that you will get to see everything from the beginning and may stand a chance to grab the best seat as well. Post this, you need to just feel the peace and calm high up in the air. This is what we call pure bliss!

2. What to Pack for Hot Air Balloon Adventure in Dubai?

The rule of the thumb when you are on a hot air balloon is to pack light. Your wallet, a sun hat, sun glasses, water bottle, a pair of binoculars and a camera should be the only things that you need to bring. You can skip brining the camera altogether if you know that your camera is good enough for capturing the magnificent views from above.

3. Dress Up in Layers

When we say apt clothes, it means dressing up both for the chilly winds in the morning as well as the heat that comes from the flame. Many hot air balloon rides begin in the morning and go for an hour or so. You can wear a light jacket and remove it when you are in the basket and start feeling hot during the ride. At the same time, you will also need to wear your most comfortable footwear since you will be on your feet to enjoy the views and upon landing, you may require to walk a bit to reach the vehicle that will take you back.

4. Go in Peak Season for Best Experience

Yes, you read this right. There is a season for ballooning because the flights need a certain amount of wind. This enables the rides to take off, glide and land with perfection. Therefore, seasons when there is no rain and greater visibility are usually the time when the season is at its peak. You need to find out the peak season and book the ride so that you get the best experience. It will also lead to better photographs be it the rising sun or the vast dunes of sand below.

5. Be Ready to Live in The Moment

Some balloon rides offer the best views from high above, have a falcon on board for some additional fun and offer free wi-fi so that you can share your experience in real-time with your loved ones. But living in the moment is much more important since each ride will have a different set of people and every time, the view will be different as the expert pilots will take you through different routes.

6. Use It To Plan a Romantic Surprise

Did you know that you can get romantic charter balloon rides, which let you propose to the love of your love thousands of feet up in the air? Some of the packages include a violinist too, which will make the moments even more memorable for both of you. All you need to do is plan it well in advance, book the ride and that’s it! Nothing is as magical as this.

Book a Hot Air Balloon Adventure in Dubai Now!

We hope that these pointers have given you a better perspective and made you feel more confident about going on your first ever hot air balloon ride. Take a look at some of our attractive packages and take your pick for the balloon adventure today! You can also contact us for any query.

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